Monday, June 21, 2010

Ellsworth Road Bike Shoot

I did a road shoot for Ellsworth Bikes a few weeks ago, and now that they have made their selection of photos I though I would post a few. This is a prototype Ellsworth Coefficient, and it is quite the ride. I don't know all of the details on this bike, but I do know that it has been hush hush... and if it says Ellsworth on it you can bet there were no shortcuts in building it. Ellsworth Bicyces are handmade in the USA, and built with pride.

The athlete pictured is James Lawrence, and he is riding in 30 triathlons this year. He is riding to help raise money to build earthen dams in africa to store rainwater, and provide clean drinking water for the people. You can read more about him here

The day the shoot was scheduled it turned out to be really grey and gloomy.. We had planned on shooting at sunset to get good light, and although we didn't get a sunset, we did end up getting some pretty dynamic looking clouds. In the end I was happy with how the shots turned out.