Monday, September 21, 2009

Fuzzy's Re-Session Jam

Last wed, the night before the Dew Tour started in SLC, Tim "Fuzzy" Hall had a big jam in his back yard. Talk about a sick setup! Someday I hope my backyard will be this cool. Anyway I shot some photos at the event, here is the link for the full slideshow-


Katie said...

O-Town...we were just wondering if you were still doing photography so we googled you and here you are. Sick photos and site design. Glad to see you're still living in a van down by the river and livin' the dream.

Max and Kate

Ledge Loaf said...

Hey mister! It's Blake. Nice photos bro. The photo of you down below with fmx in the caption is sick. you should check my blog at! Peace